Everything About Designer Stickers!!

A sticker is affixed to a wall or any other smooth surface for decoration or providing any information. The images on the sticker are printed using the digital printing techniques. Nowadays information can be converted to a sticker of any size. But, these stickers can be used only on smooth surfaces. Majorly these stickers are affixed in surfaces of cars, heavy vehicles, bikes, water transports, windows, walls, musical instruments, home accessories, laptop, doors, furniture and on any smooth surfaces.

Stickers! The moment we see this word, many memories flashes our mind. The stickers have a great influence in our lives. Right from childhood till today, in one or the other way we are using stickers. Everyone loves to have stickers. In today' world, even the stickers have come along a long way and a lot of variations had been implemented in the stickers. Numerous different varieties of stickers in various forms and various purposes are being used.

The object right now on your hand will have a sticker on it. Thus, stickers play a vital role in day to day life. These stickers originated from the 19th century. The basic feature of stickers consists of three layers: a back sheet, decal, and a top sheet. These are generally referred as peel and stick (self-adhesive).

It has a top and bottom layer.
The printing (decal print design) is done on the top or upper layer.
The adhesive is applied on the bottom or back layer.
Most of the stickers or self- adhesive. The adhesive is already applied on the back side of the sticker and covered with a paper or thin sheets to protect from drying. Some stickers where in it requires the adhesive to be applied manually and then affixed on the required surface.
World of stickers:
Stickers are majorly classified into the following:
Sticker: A self-adhesive, containing printed images are information.
Label: It also self-adhesive type and majorly used to provide product information.
Decal: It is made out of special paper with printed designs and is affixed on surface like wall, glass, porcelain, or metal

But in general, commonly all the above three mentioned categories are referred as designer stickers. A brief overview on various types of designer stickers is provided below:

Die cut sticker: In this case, the sticker created will be cut exactly to their shape or contour of the print. Very easy to peel and stick on the required surface. Kiss cut sticker: In this case the printed image will have a border. These are generally designed for bigger stickers. These types of stickers are very easy to apply on very large surfaces.

Sticker labels: These are generally and commonly used in most of the items like, school books and other accessories. These are majorly customised and used in food packaging and various other packaging materials and generally referred as packaging labels. Bumper: These are mainly used in automobiles. These are weather and water resistant.

Many customers prefer their own imaginative design. Most of the stickers on the automobile, bumpers, number plate, door of the car and back side of the car of this variety. A great advantage with these bumper stickers are, it acts as an innovative marketing tool, that is, as the vehicle moves from one place to another carrying the sticker, it attracts a whole lot of people and in turn increases the sale.

Unique shaped stickers: The stickers can be of any shape, circle, oval, square and rectangle. These are the generally and widely used sticker shapes. Apart from this based on the customer requirement; any shape of the sticker can be designed.

Window stickers: These are specially made to suit the window and door glasses. Generally these are preferred to be shaded colours to apply on the window glass or sometimes some designer patterns will be used based on the customer requirement


Decal stickers: This attracts the world today. These are majorly used to decorate the walls. They come in a lot variety of natural designs like, trees, birds, flowers, water-falls etc. Many designs are available based on vintage, antique, underwater, Buddha, 3D designs etc. Nowadays these act as a replacement for wall paper. For further product information you can refer to www.stickeroo.com.au